1、【 单选题 】
how do you print to a tcp/ip printer? [4分]
A、 host name and printer name
B、 hostname and ip address
C、 printer name and ip address
D、 printer name and host name
2、【 单选题 】
how do you trap packets of tcp/ip? [4分]
A、 network monitor
B、 snmp
C、 tcp/ip
D、 streams monitoring
3、【 单选题 】
what protocol/service do you need to send tcp/ip trap messages to another computer? [4分]
A、 snmp
B、 simple tcp/ip services
C、 nwlink
D、 network monitor agent
E、 dhcp
4、【 单选题 】
how do you start the backup program in a minimized window with low priority? [4分]
A、 start /min /low ntbackup.
B、 cmd /min /low ntbackup.
C、 net start /min /low ntbackup
D、 bat /min /low ntbackup
5、【 单选题 】
several ms-dos share tsr program be loaded : [4分]
A、 start it in its own ntvdm
B、 start it in the default ntvdm
C、 start it using config.nt
D、 start it using autoexec.nt
6、【 单选题 】
when you try to establish a ras connection with your department's server, the connectin is dropped after having been connected for a number of seconds. what is the best way to start investigating this problem? [4分]
A、 activate the device.log file, establish a connection and then view the contents of device. log.
B、 examine the connection error in the application log using event viewer
C、 examine the connection error in the system log using event viewer
D、 view the connection status using dial-up networking monitor.
7、【 单选题 】
you want to enable auditing for the hp printer attached to your windows nt workstation computer. which type of auditing events should you enable in user manager on your workstation? [4分]
A、 file and object access
B、 use and user rights
C、 user and group management
D、 process tracking
8、【 单选题 】
which of the following statements best describes the function of an answer file during automated installations? [4分]
A、 it provides specific settings for installing software applications.
B、 it provides user-specific or computer-specific information.
C、 it provides answers to some or all of the user prompts during setup.
D、 it provides answers to specific prompts to enable a workstation
computer to join a domain or workgroup.
9、【 单选题 】
your windows nt workstation computer has three modems installed. an isdn line with two b-channels and a dedicated phone line are attached to your computer. each b-channel has a separate telephone number. the ras server to which you plan to connect has four modems and four phone lines installed and has multlink enabled. how should you configure the phone book entries on your workstation to allow for maximum throughput when connecting to the ras server? [4分]
A、 create a single phone book entry and configure this entry to dial using all three modems. enter a unique ras server phone number for each modem to dial.
B、 create a single phone book entry for the modems that are using the isdn b-channels and another entry for the modem attached to the dedicated phone line. enter a unique ras server phone number for each modem to dial.
C、 create two phone book entries: one entry for the modems that are using the isdn b-channels and another entry for the modem attached to the dedicated phone line. enter a unique ras server phone number for each modem to dial.
D、 create three phone book entries: one for each modem being used. enter a unique ras server phone number for each modem to dial.
10、【 单选题 】
you implement changes to the system policy for 25 individual user accounts on your domain. you store the system policy file containing the new policy in the /netlogon directory of the pdc. all users log on to the domain when accessing their computers. your domain consists of 100 windows nt workstations, four member servers, a pdc and a bdc. at the end of the day, you poll the 25 users to find out how they feel about the changes to the system policy. you discover that five of the users did not receive the changes. what is the most likely cause of the problem? [4分]
A、 the five users belong to groups that have conflicting systems policies.
B、 the pdc was down when the users logged onto the domain
C、 the /netlogon directory was not being replicated to the bdc
D、 the five users have mandatory user profiles that have conflicting options
11、【 单选题 】
you want to install several network components on your windows nt workstation computer. however, your computer doesn't have a network adapter installed at the present time. which of the following would you do? [4分]
A、 install the driver for the microsoft dial-up adapter, then install other network components.
B、 install the driver for the ms loopback adapter, the install other network components.
C、 install the driver for the novell ne2000 compatible adapter, then install other network components
D、 install the driver for the generic network adapter, then install other network components
12、【 单选题 】
you want to capture packets tranmitted to and from your network card. which of the following do you need to install? [4分]
A、 network monitor agent
B、 system management agent
C、 ras
D、 pptp
13、【 多选题 】
nt workstation is member of workgroup. you want to map network driver on your computer to a nt server in the corp domain. the guest accounts disable in the corp domain. ( 2 selection ) [6分]
A、 logon to your ntws by using a user name from the corp domain.
B、 logon to ntws by the same user name you use to access to the nt server.
C、 select corp domain from logon dialog box.
D、 select connect as is the map network drive dialog box.
答案: A,D
14、【 多选题 】
client service for netware : [5分]
A、 allow netware client to use share directory and printer on nt workstation.
B、 connect volumes or directory on netware.
C、 connect printer queues on netware.
D、 connect netware 4.1 volume on server that do not run bindery emulation.
E、 run netware 3.1 syscon utility from ntws.
F、 function as gateway to ntws for them ntws that do not have csnw installed.
答案: B,C,E
15、【 多选题 】
nt workstation needs access nt server and netware server on network. what must you install on nt workstation ( select 2 ) [5分]
A、 dlc
B、 tcp/ip
C、 netbuei
D、 sap agent.
E、 csnw.
F、 nwlink ipx/spx compatable tranport.
G、 pptp.
答案: E,F
16、【 多选题 】
you are planning to install nt workstation and 5 applications on 200 intel pc's. all pcs already have the same hardware and the same applications installed. you will install over the network with an nt server as the source of installation. which 3 files do you need: [6分]
A、 unattend.txt (answer file)
B、 setup.inf
C、 sysdiff.exe
D、 a udf file
E、 poledit
答案: A,C,D

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