1、【 单选题 】
Fifty years ago. big. Modern. Suburban high schools were established in the hope of __________. [1分]
A、 ensuring no child is left behind
B、 increasing economic efficiency
C、 improving students’ performance on SAT
D、 providing good education for baby boomers
2、【 单选题 】
What happened as a result of setting up big schools? [1分]
A、 Teachers’ workload increased.
B、 Students’ performance declined.
C、 Administration became centralized.
D、 Students focused more on test scores.
3、【 单选题 】
What is said about the schools forded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation? [1分]
A、 They are usually magnet schools.
B、 They are often located in poor neighborhoods.
C、 They are popular with high-achieving students.
D、 They are mostly small in size.
4、【 单选题 】
What is most noticeable about the current trend in high school education? [1分]
A、 Some large schools have split up into smaller ones.
B、 A great variety of schools have sprung up in urban and suburban areas.
C、 Many schools compete for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds.
D、 Students have to meet higher academic standards.
5、【 单选题 】
Newsweek ranked high schools according to . [1分]
A、 their students’ academic achievement
B、 the number of their students admitted to college
C、 the size and number of their graduating classes
D、 their college-level test participation
6、【 单选题 】
What can we learn about Hillsdale’s students in the late 1990s? [1分]
A、 They were made to study hard like prisoners.
B、 They called each other by unaffectionate nicknames.
C、 Most of them did not have any sense of discipline,
D、 Their school performance was getting worse.
7、【 单选题 】
According to Jeff Gilbert, the “advisory” classes at Hillsdale were set up so that students could . [1分]
A、 tell their teachers what they did on weekends
B、 experience a great deal of pleasure in learning
C、 maintain closer relationships with their teachers
D、 tackle the demanding biology and physics courses
8、【 单选题 】
A、 Trying to sketch a map
B、 Painting the dining room.
C、 Discussing a house plan.
D、 Cleaning the kitchen.
9、【 单选题 】
A、 She is tired of the food in the canteen.
B、 She often eats in a French restaurant.
C、 She usually takes a snack in the KFC.
D、 She in very fussy about what she eats.
10、【 单选题 】
A、 Listening to some loud music
B、 Preparing for as oral examination.
C、 Talking loudly on the telephone.
D、 Practicing for a speech contest.
11、【 单选题 】
A、 The man has left a good impression on her family.
B、 The man can dress casually for the occasion.
C、 The man should buy himself a new suit.
D、 The man’s jeans and T-shirts are stylish.
12、【 单选题 】
A、 Grey pants made from pure cotton.
B、 Fashionable pants in bright colors.
C、 100% cotton pants in dark blue.
D、 Something to match her brown pants.
13、【 单选题 】
A、 Its price.
B、 Its location
C、 Its comfort.
D、 Its facilities.
14、【 单选题 】
A、 Travel overseas.
B、 Look for a new job.
C、 Take a photo.
D、 Adopt a child.
15、【 单选题 】
A、 It is a routine offer.
B、 It is new on the menu.
C、 It is quite healthy.
D、 It is a good bargain.
16、【 单选题 】
A、 Hosting an evening TV program.
B、 Having her bicycle repaired.
C、 Lecturing on business management.
D、 Conducting a market survey.
17、【 单选题 】
A、 He repaired bicycles.
B、 He served as a consultant.
C、 He worked as a salesman.
D、 He coached in a racing club.
18、【 单选题 】
A、 He wanted to be his own boss.
B、 He found it more profitable
C、 He didn’t want to start from scratch.
D、 He didn’t want to be in too much debt.
19、【 单选题 】
A、 They work five days a week.
B、 They are all the man’s friends.
C、 They are paid by the hour.
D、 They all enjoy gambling.
20、【 单选题 】
A、 It has gradually given way to service industry.
B、 It remains a major part of industrial activity.
C、 It has a history as long as paper processing.
D、 It accounts for 80 percent of the region’s GDP.
21、【 单选题 】
A、 Transport problems.
B、 Shortage of funding.
C、 Lack of resources.
D、 poor management.
22、【 单选题 】
A、 Competition from rival companies.
B、 Product promotion campaigns.
C、 Possible locations for a new factory
D、 Measures to create job opportunities.
23、【 单选题 】
A、 They shared mutual friends in school.
B、 They had known each other since childhood.
C、 They shared many extracurricular activities.
D、 They had many interests in common.
24、【 单选题 】
A、 At a local club.
B、 At the sports center.
C、 At Joe’s house.
D、 At the bearing school.
25、【 单选题 】
A、 Durable friendships can be very difficult to maintain
B、 One has to be respectful of other people in order to win respect.
C、 It is hard for people from different backgrounds to become friends
D、 Social divisions will break down if people get to know each other
26、【 单选题 】
A、 Near the entrance of a park.
B、 In his building’s parking lot
C、 At a parking meter.
D、 At a street corner.
27、【 单选题 】
A、 It had been taken by the police
B、 it had keen moved to the next block.
C、 In had been stolen by someone.
D、 it had been parked at a wrong place
28、【 单选题 】
A、 At the Greenville center.
B、 At a public parking lot.
C、 In a neighboring town.
D、 In a the city garage.
29、【 单选题 】
A、 Famous creative individuals.
B、 The mysteriousness of creativity.
C、 A major scientific discovery.
D、 Creativity as shown in arts.
30、【 单选题 】
A、 It is something people all engage in.
B、 It helps people acquire knowledge.
C、 It starts soon after we are born.
D、 It is the source of all artistic work.
31、【 单选题 】
A、 Creative imagination.
B、 Logical reasoning
C、 Natural curiosity.
D、 Critical thinking.
32、【 单选题 】
A、 It is beyond ordinary people.
B、 It is yet to be fully understood.
C、 It is part of everyday life.
D、 It is a unique human trait.
33、【 单选题 】
In the initial stage, the current economic crisis is likely to __________. [1分]
A、 tear many troubled families apart
B、 contribute to enduring family ties
C、 bring about a drop in the divorce rate
D、 cause a lot of conflicts in the family
34、【 单选题 】
In the Great Depression many unhappy couples close to stick together because [1分]
A、 starting a new family would be hard
B、 they expected things would turn better
C、 they wanted to better protect their kids
D、 living separately would be too costly
35、【 单选题 】
In addition to job losses. What stands in the way of unhappy couples getting a divorce? [1分]
A、 Mounting family debts
B、 A sense of insecurity
C、 Difficulty in getting a loan
D、 Falling housing prices
36、【 单选题 】
What will the current economic crisis eventually do to some married couples? [1分]
A、 It will force them to pull their efforts together
B、 It will undermine their mutual understanding
C、 It will help strengthen their emotional bonds
D、 It will irreparably damage their relationship
37、【 单选题 】
What can be inferred from the last paragraph? [1分]
A、 The economic recovery will see a higher divorce rate
B、 Few couples can stand the test of economic hardships
C、 A stable family is the best protection against poverty.
D、 Money is the foundation of many a happy marriage
38、【 单选题 】
What do we learn about Facebook from the first paragraph? [1分]
A、 It is a website that sends messages to targeted users.
B、 It makes money by putting on advertisements.
C、 It profits by selling its users’ personal data.
D、 It provides loads of information to its users.
39、【 单选题 】
What does the author say about most Facebook users? [1分]
A、 They are reluctant to give up their personal information.
B、 They don’t know their personal data enriches Facebook.
C、 They don’t identify themselves when using the website.
D、 They care very little about their personal information.
40、【 单选题 】
Why does Facebook make changes to its rules according to Elliot Schrage? [1分]
A、 To render better service to its users.
B、 To conform to the Federal guidelines.
C、 To improve its users’ connectivity.
D、 To expand its scope of business.
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